Square Foot Properties: Why rent when you can own?


offers a unique RENT to OWN solution.


We can help you buy a home!


(you can afford the payments, but the bank won’t give you a mortgage).


some bills in the past have

bruised your credit…

…or maybe you can’t quite

save enough

for that


Square Foot Properties

can help build & repair your credit and a portion of your rent goes towards your down payment for your new home!

We partner with investors*

to help purchase a home that’s within your means.


*the investors can either qualify to purchase the house, use a HELOC or partner with us using their RRSPs as investment capital

After about 36 months,

through our RENT to OWN program, we help you repair (or simply build) your credit rating


and save up 5% for that downpayment you need to qualify for the mortgage and purchase your home, yourself.

Basically, you get to own your own home,


the investors investment is secured by real estate…

and everyone is happy.



Everyone is happy

Want  more info?

Send us an email,

or get in touch the old fashioned way:


Square Foot Properties

7 Killarney Ave

Box 34147

Winnipeg, MB R3T 3B0


ph. 204.293.6467

fax 888.346.7818